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Here's a little backstory.


I became interested in photography initially when my dad gave me his old Canon AE-1 at the age of 15. I had no idea at the time how important that moment would eventually mean to me professionally. I took a photography class with that camera in high school and went through the typical pretentious phase of never wanting to use a digital camera. I wanted to be like my dad in the 80s and live in a dark room. For obvious reasons, that was never going to pan out.

I eventually purchased my first digital camera - a cheap Canon Rebel XS - they don't even make them anymore - and I had to learn how to use a camera all over again. Long story short, I am now on my 4th digital camera; the 6D mii. It's got a touch screen display and it still freaks me out. [This old soul still misses her AE-1.]

Over the years (around 12 now total) I've photographed families, children, pets, weddings, and other events. I also hope to one day enter the real estate world. If you're interested in hiring me for your next event or photo session, view available packages and pricing and contact me today!


When my business finally took off - first known as Sarah E. Nice Photography, then Sarah Elizabeth Photography - I realized I needed a logo. I decided to make my own. Needless to say, my logos over the years have taken as dramatic a turn as my photographs. The first few were terrible. But the more I got into it, the better they looked, and then other photographers and business owners were asking who I used as a designer.

I think the moment I fully realized I wanted to be a designer was when my sister-in-law asked me to design her wedding invitations. I had so much fun working on these, and it warmed my heart to know I was able to offer something so personal. Since then I've had a blast designing other stationary, but mostly, I've enjoyed creating new brands for other businesses.

Creating the design for our #lateafclassof2007 10 year reunion was also a fun project for me. I really felt that Lafayette Rams pride.

Overall I've got quite a few projects under my belt and I'm always ready for the next. View available packages and pricing and contact me today to get started on yours!

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