• Sarah Nice

Crossroads Literacy

Jen is a design client of mine based out of Colorado. I feel we are nearing the end of the design process but wanted to share what we've managed to come up with since the start.

Jen discovered me through her friend Samantha, an old client of mine. I had developed a logo for her last year for her business Connecting Communities, an event planning organization based in Colorado Springs.

Jen reached out to me with ideas for her new business, Crossroads Literacy. She says her primary mission is to contract with schools to provide support to staff through professional development and to implement and practice strategies learned from the classes to support struggling readers. She hopes to eventually remediate individual or small groups of dyslexic students. I am so excited for her! Here are the samples with which I've provided her so far. I can't wait to hear her final thoughts.

If you are interested in your own logo design, view my pricing here. To book, contact me here.

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