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Branding for Brandy's Creek

It's still a work in progress, but I'm having SUCH fun developing Stephanie's new brand for Brandy's Creek Aussies.

It all started with this photo of Max:

In the beginning, Stephanie wanted her new logo to match her current one. I don't know if she meant to mimic it completely, but I had other ideas anyway. The thing with me is I really don't want you to ever think there aren't other options. There are always, always, more options. This is her current logo, embroidered on a jacket. She wanted to put emphasis on the three different Aussie breeds, so there are three dogs in the logo. She says she plans on adding doodles eventually, too, so the idea of an extra dog in the logo came up.

But less is always more, especially in the branding of your business. You want a bold logo, one that leaves an impression and gets to the point straight away. So after thinking it over - with my COVID-19 anxiety lately, I've had a lot of time to think - I felt three, and possibly four dogs would make her branding too busy. I thought just one should be center stage on her new logo. And I knew exactly who it should be.

Max was the most photogenic and social during our session a couple of weeks ago. He has the best coloring, too. I knew he'd be the perfect focus for her branding.

At first I came up with this. Just a very rough draft for the idea I was trying to help Stephanie visualize. I planned to add to it later, but I didn't want to do too much work to it if she ended up not liking it.

She emailed me back with positive remarks, but with additional suggestions. I edited the draft and ended up with this, and I'm a little obsessed. I even came up with a business card draft for it.

Of course this is all still in progress, but so far this is probably my favorite project.

Interested in working with me on your own branding project? Visit my design page to view available packages, and email sarah@nicelycaptured.com to book.

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